10 Travel-Related Ativities You Can do from Home

We all had trips planned for the year 2020. Everyone was extremely excited to have a time of life until flight operations were suspended. All the excitement turned into disappointment with the sudden cancellation of trips. People had no choice other than sitting at home. All the wanderlusts are certainly facing a tough time these days. People who couldn’t stay at home for a month have to spend vacations without traveling and that nobody knows till when.

So if you are too wondering how you are going to spend the quarantine without traveling to your favorite location, then you are at the right site. The blog has ten travel-related activities you can do while sitting on your couch. So travel the world without stepping outside your home. Travelers of the world, let’s see ten Travel-Related Activities You Can Do from Home


  • Go on a Virtual Tour:


    1. Surprisingly, you can visit your dream destinations without having to leave your room. All you need is a mobile phone or laptop and a stable internet connection. These virtual tours are of the best museums, art galleries, national parks, historical places all from the comfort of your home.

If you are a lover of art, culture, and history and are fond of visiting the best museums and art galleries, then you can visit them virtually. You can visit the amazing museums and art galleries of the world like the Louvre, Vatican Museums, Van Gogh Museum, etc.

If you are interested in seeing nature and beautiful landscapes then do visit Kenai Fjords, Faroe Islands, Dry Tortugas, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, etc. They offer one of the most adventurous virtual tours.

If historical places excite you then visit Rome, Versailles Palace, Buckingham Palace, etc. within seconds.

    1. Cook Something that You Wanted to Eat During Your Next Trip:

It is food, which makes travelers revisit some amazing destinations.If you are a foodie and were excited to try that famous Neapolitan pizza of Japan or Macarons of France then do not worry. You can cook all the famous cuisines from all over the world yourself. Just search for the recipe and start cooking.

Do not forget to decorate your dining room like your favorite restaurant.

    1. Watch Travel-Related Documentaries and Movies:

You can seek adventure and knowledge at home by watching exciting movies and documentaries based on traveling. There is so much great content depending upon your choice. You can learn so much about the world by watching them and spend a good leisure time.

Some of the best Travel-Related Documentaries are:

      • The 7 Wonders of the World
      • The Epic of Everest
      • Ambassadors of the Jungle
      • Dark Tourist

Some of the best Travel-Related Movies are:

      • Into the Wild
      • Midnight in Paris
      • Hector and the Search for Happiness
      • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
    1. Read Travel Blogs and Books:

A reader and wanderlust make a perfect match. A huge variety of interesting and exciting books as well as blogs are present out there. All you need to do is choose what you love reading about and start reading.

Some of the best Travel-Related Books are:

      • In a Sunburned Country
      • Without Reservations
      • Vagabonding
      • The Year of Living Danishly

Some of the best Travel-Related Blogs are:

      • No Vacation Required
      • Alex in Wanderland
      • Uncornered Market
      • Wandering Earl
    1. Play Travel-Related Board Games:

Spend your quality time playing exciting travel-inspired board games with your family. These games will help you in learning as well as spending vacations to its fullest from home.

Some of the best Travel-Related Board Games are:

      • Globe Runner
      • Who knows where?
      • Ticket to Ride Europe
      • Where To: A Travel Adventure Game
    1. Listen to Travel-Related Podcasts Online:

If you are a podcast fan, then there is a huge list of travel podcasts on the internet. These podcasts are a great way to learn about different places based on experiences.

Some of the best Travel-Related Podcasts are:

      • The Travel Diaries
      • Wild Ideas Worth Living
      • Armchair Explorer
      • Explore The World Travel Podcast
    1. Plan Your Next Trip Meanwhile:

The most important point in traveling is deciding the location and planning the whole trip. The planning phase is often head-scratching because you need to keep so many things in mind.

First, know your budget and choose the location accordingly. Then know for how long you are traveling so that you can book a flat, a vehicle exporter to lessen your expenses, and then make a budget.You can find a lot of travel guides on the internet. So note down the places you dream to visit, choose one from them, and start planning. This will save so much of your time.

    1. Try Learning A New Language:

Every place has a unique language. One of the common issues faced by travelers is that they do not have a common language. So if you are planning to visit Germany next, then why not learn German?

You can get the best out of this time by learning a new language from your couch. There are so many websites online that provide free language courses.

Some of the best sites to learn a New Language are:

      • Duolingo
      • Babbel
      • Italki
      • Rosetta Stone
    1. Get the View of the Famous Hotel from Home:

Do you miss watching breathtaking views from the balconies of the best hotels?

Well, do not get sad as hotels are now offering streaming so that you can feel like you are on a holiday while sitting in your room.

Get a staycation to your favorite destinations within seconds.

    1. Revive Your Memories from Past Trips

Memories are beautiful to spend time with when traveling is difficult.To find your pictures and make an album of each trip.Look at the videos and show them to your kids.Note down all the things you have done and things that are still remaining.

Final Thoughts:

Travelers will never get bored if they follow the guide above. These travel-related activities can be availed anytime and from anywhere. The best thing about these is that you don’t have to spend a penny on most of them.

Author Bio:

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