GO Safely

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

At GO Airport Shuttle, your safety is our top priority. We are committed to providing a secure and comfortable travel experience for all our passengers. To achieve this, we have implemented comprehensive safety measures and guidelines that our network of trusted affiliates adhere to so that when you GO with us, you GO safely.

Professional Trained Drivers

We ensure that all drivers in our network are professionals who undergo rigorous training. Before their first trip, every driver is screened for past traffic violations and subjected to extensive background checks. This process includes working with affiliates to ensure:

  • Criminal Background Checks: All drivers are thoroughly vetted through a comprehensive criminal background check to ensure they have no history of criminal activity.
  • Driving History Review:  Affiliate drivers’ past traffic violations and driving history are reviewed to ensure they meet GO Airport Shuttle’s safety standards.
  • Professional Training: Drivers for our affiliates undergo professional training programs that cover defensive driving techniques, passenger safety, customer service, and emergency response procedures.

Ongoing Monitoring and Compliance

Our commitment to safety doesn’t end with initial checks. We continuously work with our affiliates to monitor and ensure ongoing compliance with our safety standards. This includes:

  • Regular Background Checks: Affiliates conduct periodic background checks on drivers to ensure they maintain a clean record.
  • Continuous Training: Drivers participate in ongoing training programs to stay updated on the latest safety protocols and best practices in the transportation industry.
  • Performance Evaluations: Regular performance evaluations are conducted to assess driver behavior, adherence to safety protocols, and customer service quality.

Vehicle Safety and Maintenance

Ensuring that our vehicles are safe and well-maintained is a critical component of our safety policy. 

  • Routine Inspections:  We request our affiliates to have vehicles routinely inspected to identify and address any potential safety issues. 
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Affiliates follow a strict maintenance schedule to keep vehicles in optimal condition. 
  • Safety Equipment: All vehicles are equipped with necessary safety equipment, including seat belts, airbags, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. We require that these items are readily accessible and in good working condition.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

At GO Airport Shuttle, we are dedicated to continuously improving our safety practices. We regularly review and update our policies to reflect the latest industry standards and regulatory requirements. We also welcome feedback from passengers to help us enhance our services and ensure a safe travel experience for everyone.

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