Shared ride is the most economical way to get to and from the airport.

Shared Ride Airport Shuttle

Save money while enjoying the company of other passengers as you travel to your destination using low cost, shared ride airport shuttle service through GO Airport Shuttle.

Shared Ride Airport Shuttle

Airport Pickup and Drop Off

Book airport transportation in your departure and destination city.

With our shared ride service, you can save money on your ground transportation costs. Travel with fellow passengers heading in the same direction and experience the most economical way to reach your destination. Our airport pickup times, usually scheduled between 2 and 3 hours before your flight, allow for a stress-free arrival ensuring you have ample time to check bags and get through TSA security checkpoints. 

Take advantage of our multiple-rider rates and round trip discounts available in most locations. For those seeking a more premium experience, we also offer ridesharing with fewer stops in smaller vehicles. Our airport shuttle service is conveniently available in popular destinations including Orlando, Las Vegas, New York City’s JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark airports, Fort Lauderdale, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Maui, Kauai, Punta Cana, and more.

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GO Airport Shuttle

Pioneers in Shared Ride Service

Since 2007, GO Airport Shuttle has offered customers an affordable, convenient, and safe way to get to and from the airport.  As pioneers of shared ride service, we know how to group passengers efficiently to lessen travel times. 

Our offerings have evolved to include a new economy service, featuring private airport rides at a lower price point. Alternatively, you can opt for rideshare service in SUVs and minivans, ensuring fewer passengers and stops or you can elevate your travel experience in a private van or premium car service. Plus, with the convenience of booking all four legs of your journey in one go, planning and scheduling your trip has never been easier. Say goodbye to hassles and hello to seamless travel arrangements with GO Airport Shuttle.

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Upfront Pricing

Transparent fares without the surge. The price we quote you, is the rate you pay regardless of time of day or weather.

Available 24/7

Book airport rides, around town transportation, or tours and attractions securely with the device of your choice.

Global Service

Book transportation in your departure and destination city in locations throughout the world.

Safety First

From background checks to deep cleaning standards, we're doing our part to ensure your ride is a safe one.

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Commonly Asked Questions about Shared Ride

Prices vary based on distance traveled, type of vehicle, service selected, and whether or not you’ve added on extras such as Meet & Greet, a tour, or tickets to attractions. 

GO Airport Shuttle and its affiliates do not surge rates during peak travel times or inclement weather.  While pre-arranged  ground transportation may not always be the cheapest way to get to the airport, it is reliable, safe, and convenient. Our drivers are vetted, professionally trained, and fully insured. Vehicles are routinely inspected for safety. 

To determine your fare, check rates and availability

An airport shuttle is a type of ground transportation that provides low cost airport transportation between the airport and a specific location or set of locations. Typically, it operates on a fixed schedule, with designated pick-up and drop-off points at the airport and other locations such as hotels or conference centers. However at GO, we expanded shared ride airport pickups to private residences as well.  Passengers share the shuttle with other travelers, and the van makes multiple stops to drop off and pick up passengers.

As pioneers of this service, we have always grouped people heading in a similar direction at a similar time together to reduce travel delays. While airport shuttles traditionally operated via 10 to 13 passenger vans, many transportation providers now offer shared ride service using smaller vehicles such as SUVs or minivans, which allows for shorter travel times and fewer stops. 

Ridesharing can be a convenient and affordable option for travelers who don’t need the privacy or luxury of a private car service.

However, it’s important to note that rideshare service may not be the best option for travelers who are in a hurry or have a tight schedule, as the shuttle may make multiple stops and take longer than other transportation options. However, for those who are looking for an affordable and convenient way to get to and from the airport, shared ride  can be a great choice.

Airport shuttle or shared ride service is currently available in a number of locations including New York, Connecticut, Orlando, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Indianapolis.  Lower cost private service is available in several major cities as well including Boston, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Los Angeles, and more. 

GO Airport Shuttle Phone: 1-773-363-0001
International/Toll Free: 1-844-787-1670

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