7 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

There is nothing more fun than getting away on a vacation. Being away from familiar surroundings can be calming and fun. One thing is for sure, though. You do not want to get sick while you are traveling. Here are 7 tips to keep you healthy and strong:

1. Make a Doctor’s Appointment

Before you go anywhere remote, be sure to make an appointment with your physician. She can tell you if you need any booster shots. Depending on the location you may need to get some additional shots. Also she can prescribe preventative medication for your stomach or other troubles. Do this before you go on vacation so you do not need to try and find someone to help you once you have arrived at your destination.

2. Take your Vitamins

Before you leave on vacation, remember to boost your immune system. Taking some probiotics may help with your digestive system. You want to be able to eat and relax, and a strong gut is a good way to keep healthy. Also vitamin C has been linked to preventing colds. Be sure to take your vitamins and tote them along for the trip.

3. Take Your Medicine

Make sure your prescriptions are filled and you have enough for your travels. If you have to get your prescriptions in a remote area you may be out of luck. There may not be a convenient nearby pharmacy. So stay healthy and pack your medicine.

3. Stretch out Upon Arrival

Before you leave brush up on yoga poses. Yoga will help you relax and may help you prevent leg cramps. “Use some of your yoga moves to help you stretch after a long period of sitting. That will help promote good health and circulation. Being flexible will help prevent some injuries you may experience while traveling,” says an expert from FBO Services.

4. Get to Know People

You are travelling to a new exotic location. Get to know the people who live there. Expanding your mind and meeting new people will keep you healthy and happy. The locals may also show you some hidden treasures like a hideaway beach or a great local restaurant. Exploring new places is wonderful for expanding your mind.

5. Eat Less Meat

A vegetarian or vegan diet is healthier for you than one with meat. Try to stick to a mostly vegetarian diet while you are travelling and you will feel less bogged down and more energetic. New places will have different vegetarian offerings which may be fun to try.

6. Go on a Hike

Exercise will increase your immune system and help with the stress that traveling may bring. Hiking is a great option as you can explore new places and meet new people. If you only drive while on vacation you will speed by everything. Take time to appreciate your surroundings. It will relax and de-stress you.

7. Get a Facial

If you have the chance to pamper yourself while on vacation, do it. Your mind and body will thank you. Get a full out spa treatment or just stick to a facial and a manicure. You will feel more awake and happy after letting someone pamper you.

Traveling can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful. Take time for yourself and follow these seven tips to keep yourself relaxed and healthy. You want to be able to spend more time on the beach or shopping rather than sick in your hotel room. Wash your hands and carry sanitation clothes but also remember to pamper yourself and relax. After all, what are vacations for?

Jane Hurst is a writer, editor and avid traveler from San Francisco. Contact Jane here

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