7 Tips to Improve Your Travel Photography Skills

It’s possible to make awesome photos during the trip regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur. Today, everyone wants to get unique photos, especially when it comes to traveling to another city or country. Agree, with the development of Instagram, practically everyone while travel wants to take stunning pictures, otherwise, it may seem that the purpose of the trip was not fulfilled. But don’t rely too much on Instagram pictures, poses, and locations. It is necessary to share creative insights with the masses, and not repeat what everyone has in his or her profile.

That is why you need to prepare in advance, no matter where you take the photo – in another town, country or just on a nearby street. Preliminary preparation will help you make not only great pictures but also those that others don’t have. If you are interested in this result, then you will certainly have to familiarize yourself with 7 tips that improve your photography while traveling. Ready to get started?

1. Define Locations for Photos

Of course, you can wander around in search of beautiful locations arbitrarily, but if you prepare the route in advance, then you’ll spend less time and can take many shoots. How to do it?

  • Search locations on the Internet.
  • Search through geolocation on Instagram.
  • Search in Google Maps.

To find really cool locations it will not be superfluous to use all of the above items. For example, when searching the Internet, you can find out what historical places are in a particular location and so on. Why not combine business with pleasure? You will enjoy historical places and sights and you can take beautiful photos.

Google Maps help to get directions to your destination. But through Instagram, you can search for unique places. You can even search for the local photographers’ accounts. Most likely, they know interesting places from A to Z. If you are interested in some place, you can write and find out in more detail where it is. Perhaps even your “colleague” will agree to give you a tour where you can find the best places for photos. Get in touch, don’t be shy!

2. Do Not Sleep Long or You Will Miss the Moment

Rest can make you want to lie in bed longer. But you are a photographer, and sleeping for a long time is not a permissible luxury! Here are the main reasons why:

  • At lunchtime, there are a lot of tourists in the most popular places. Even from 11 a.m., interesting places can be full of people, which greatly complicates your taking a photo.
  • Not everyone knows how to take good pictures in the evening, and many places can lose their essence in the evening.
  • In the city, at lunchtime, there can be a lot of transport, which can also spoil the frame.
  • If this is a country with a hot climate, then it can be simply unbearably hot in the middle of the day.

These are the main reasons why you should wake up as early as possible. It’s better to go to bed earlier than to miss the
opportunity to take good pictures.

3. Change View with Unchanged Object

If you liked a particular object, then take pictures from different angles. It often happens that already at the stage of photo processing, thoughts come that it would be better if this tree was shot from the other side and so on.

As soon as you like some kind of location, turn on the camera and go around it from different sides. Take test shots, see how best to take a picture, bottom or top, and so on. It is recommended to take pictures from all possible sides and angles. It is better to spend much more time than to regret that you didn’t take the picture on the right side.

4. Shoot Locals and Their Life

Most amateur photographers are divided into two types. Some only shoot nature, others only people. If you don’t have particular preferences regarding such approaches to photography, then you need to take pictures of both the landscape and people. Pay attention to the locals. The local flavor has its own magical atmosphere and something attractive. Take shoots of passers-by, preferably not tourists.

Such photos are especially actual if you have your own website. In your hands, there is a miracle machine that will help to plunge everyone into the atmosphere of the place where you went on vacation. Take at least a few frames. Who knows, maybe before you worked in a completely different direction. Moreover, the trip always erases horizons and opens up new opportunities!

5. Be Active and Move as Much as Possible

Good photos and laziness are completely incompatible things! Not a single famous photographer has such quality as laziness, so if you want to be one of them you need to move as actively as possible. Walk, be interested, pay attention to everything. If you sit for three hours on a bench, then most likely you will not get cool photos.

Take the camera, equipment and go to explore new places. Look in every corner, pay attention to architecture and unusual places. Even a strange tree can be photographed in such a way that it would seem as if you had been in a different world, not a city or country. The activity and the will of imagination can create amazing photos to the envy of everyone else!

6. Write Your Impressions of Locations and How You Did Photo

If you have a personal blog or a website, it will not be superfluous to take notes on how you took each picture. Record settings, how you choose a place and angle. Your audience may be very interested in such information. Especially if they want some kind of a guide or professional tips from you. When photos are also taken in another city or country, this may interest your audience even more, so do not miss your chance!

If you don’t know how to create such content, but think that you need it, then make such notes anyway. In order to create engaging articles, you can contact the authors and provide them with your notes. Feel free to choose the best performers on the Online Writers Rating review website. They will be
able to create quality content that will promote your website or blog.

7. Experiment with Photo Editing

When your journey is over and it is time to edit the photo, feel free to experiment. Replace your familiar patterns and effects with new ones. Expand your boundaries and try something new.

It is certainly good when you have developed your common style and adhere to it, but sometimes you need to go beyond and try a new one to reveal a new direction. Travel photos are precisely the material on which you can experiment and fantasize.

The Final Thoughts

These basic guidelines can boost your travel photography skills. They may seem simple at first glance, but in fact, many neglect them and deprive themselves of the opportunity to create cool pictures. Remember that for the successful completion of any process, proper preparation and organization is necessary. This also applies to the shooting process; it is not always worth hoping for inspiration. Such an organization of the process with our tips will not make you wait long for positive results. So use the recommendations above and create unique frames while you travel.

About the Author: Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

Writer Frank Hamilton

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