8 Smart Ways To Make Money Online While You’re On The Road

Vinnie Van GO connected with blogger Mary Walton for these great tips on making cash online while traveling!

8 Smart Ways To Make Money Online While You’re On The Road

Travelling is fantastic, there’s no doubt about it. However, you’ve got to think about how you’re going to fund your travels while you’re away from home. If you’re smart, you can make all of your cash online. Most hotels, hostels, and coffee shops have wifi now, so all you need is a laptop and your imagination. Here’s eight great ways to make some cash while you’re on the road.

1. Rent out your home or parking spot

If you’re going to be away for a while, what are you doing with your home? It’ll be empty, and you’ll still need to pay the bills. Why not rent it out short term while you’re away? That way, you can make money on your home while you’re not there. Also, you can rent out your driveway or parking spot while you’re at it. This is a great idea if you live near local transport links or town centres.

2. Share your knowledge

What are your talents? Can you play the guitar? Can you knit a scarf? Maybe you can do magical things with Microsoft Excel. Whatever you can do, share that talent online. You can sell lessons in all sorts of things online, if there’s a market for your talent. All you need is Skype or another video calling device, and you’re away.

3. Create a popular blog

This is a harder ask than it looks, but it can pay off. If you’ve found a gap in the blogging market, create yours as soon as you can. Once you’ve established yourself, you can make money on advertising revenue and sponsorships. It can take a while to get started, but the payoff is worth it. Good examples are Via Writing and Academadvisor.

4. Do micro tasks online

There’s plenty of sites online that let you do small tasks for clients and get paid for it. This can include tasks like sending emails or data entry, amongst other things. They don’t pay out an awful lot per task, but they’re simple and if you can line up a few jobs in a row, you can get paid well for it. Try the Amazon Mechanical Turk and Fiver to start with.

5. Harness your writing skills

There’s clients out there crying out for good copywriters. If you’re good with a turn of phrase, perhaps you could write for a living as you travel. There’s plenty of different sites that are looking for writers. Freelancer and Upwork are good if you want to write blogs or articles for companies. If you’re good with academic writing, try Boom Essays, Essayroo or UKWritings.

6. Sell the use of your photos and videos

Are you a keen photographer or videographer? Then you can make money doing what you love. There’s plenty of websites out there that sell stock images for websites and companies to use, and many others who want to buy it so they can have excellent content online. If you’re travelling, you’re sure to be getting some amazing footage. Why not make some money on it into the bargain?

7. Provide online tutoring

Are you of an academic frame of mind? Perhaps you can make some cash tutoring others online on sites like Assignment Help and Academized. This is a great option if you’re currently studying yourself, as you can teach others vital aspects of your own subject. You could also tutor children in their school work. Parents are often looking for people to tutor their kids through tests and exams, so it’s a great way to make some money.

8. Buy domain names for resale

This one takes a bit of work before it starts paying off, but it can pay off big time. Trawl domain sale websites, and pick up domain names that could go for big money in the future. If you can buy them while they’re cheap, you can make a big profit when someone who wants that domain comes knocking on your door.
These are just a few ideas that can make you enough cash online to keep you going. Think about where your strengths lie, then make the most of them online. There’s plenty of people out there who will pay for your skills, and all you’ll need is an internet connection.
Mary Walton is a blogger at SimpleGrad, her educational website. Also, Mary travels a lot and writes for PaperFellows, academic website, and Essay Writing Services, community for Australian students.

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