9 Travel Tools and Tips for Senior Travel

The first thing many people say they want to do when they retire is travel more! Without the hassle of counting vacation days or worrying about missing that big meeting, checking destinations off your bucket list can be a lot more convenient. Unfortunately, being over “retirement age” can bring its own challenges to travel, but that shouldn’t stop you from finally taking the time to go see the world. Here are 10 tips and accessories to make travel more senior friendly.

1. Book Your Stay Over the Phone

When you’re making your travel plans, always make sure to call the hotel directly to check for unadvertised deals or amenities. While the prices on third-party travel sites may be tempting, bookings through those sites are usually less flexible, while “you’ll usually have a least a 24 to 48 hour buffer before your check-in to cancel when booking directly,” says Jill Douglas, the manager of The Commander Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. Douglas also notes that talking to a hotel representative can also give you access to senior discounts and special offers which may not be reflected on the hotel’s direct website. Finally, many hotels offer rooms with special amenities for seniors or guests mobility which are easier to ask about on the phone.

2. Compression Socks

While flying is quicker and often more convenient than driving to your destination, it does mean staying in a cramped seat for hours on end. For seniors and others with circulation problems that can mean leg pain, swelling, and even the risk of blood clots. To reduce these risks and even reduce fatigue after flying, try slipping on a pair of compression socks like the Silkies Compression Trouser Socks for women or the Sockwell Elevation Graduation Compression Socks for men to keep blood flowing smoothly to your extremities.

3. Sanitize the Air you Breathe with MyAir

Planes may have air sickness bags in case of turbulence, but they don’t have a way to protect you from getting sick after you disembark. Airports and airplanes are full of germs and re-circulated air can dehydrate and exhaust you even when it’s germ free. To prevent picking up a bug that could ruin your next vacation check out MyAir face masks. These colorful and comfortable air masks filter 99% of germs, allergens, and bacteria from the air and reduce moisture lost from breathing cold, re-circulated air by 88% so you don’t suffer from jetlag or a stomach bug after you leave a plane.

4. Travel Light, and Warm, with a Compact Travel Blanket

As well as being dry and potentially germy, airplane air can be uncomfortably cold, but most airlines no longer pass out blankets during flights. To make sure you stay warm and cozy on your next flight (without taking up valuable carryon space) try the 4 in 1 Blanket by Let’s Innovate Life. The polyester blanket folds conveniently to form its own carrying case and includes a carrying strap that can attach to any carryon bag. The soft throw also includes two zippered pockets for storing a phone or travel documents and a bonus inflatable neck pillow. Even though the blanket is compact while folded, it expands to a comfortable 40 by 60 inches when expanded, ensuring you can cuddle up comfortably on any chilly flight.

5. Rolling Carryon

Carryon luggage can be a real pain! Not all overhead compartments are created equal and even if your bag is small enough to fit a compact compartment, wheels and handles can add unwieldy weight. The best-selling Rick Steves rolling carryon is the perfect bags for any flight. The 21-inch expandable bag contains multiple exterior pockets and is the perfect size for even small overhead compartments. Plus, its molded shell is durable, but weighs in at only 6 pounds, so you won’t struggle to lift it in and out of cars and overhead storage spaces.

6. The Convenient Collapsible Cane

Canes can be clunky and hard to stow on a plane or long car ride. Don’t let your need for a little extra support stop you from seeing the world! With the folding, adjustable Derby Walking Cane from Fashionable Canes you can get all te support you need through the airport and around your destination then conveniently collapse and stow the cane for your flight. It’s sturdy, light-weight, and comes in a variety of stylish colors. Plus it’s customizable with engraving and comes with a handy wrist strap so you can carry it with ease when it’s not in use.

7. Read with Ease even in the Dark

It’s not always easy to sleep on a night flight, but it’s even less easy to read in the dark, and nobody wants to be the seat mate that keeps their neighbor up with a harsh overhead light. Next time you fly bring your own book light like this lighted magnifier from Shorewood Medical. The retractable handle allows it to be held vertically or horizontally and makes it convenient for travel, plus the rectangular shape makes it ideal for reading.

8. VinniBag

Need to travel with liquid medication? Planning on bringing home souvenirs from wine country? No matter the reason you have bottles in yoursuitcase the fear is always the same: that you’ll open your bag and find the bottle has smashed and your luggage is soaked! With Vinnibag you can rest easy. These easy to inflate bags seal fragile items and spillable liquids in a pocket of air that cushions blows and prevents spillage. Plus, since they’re waterproof, you can even take them to the beach or on the boat to keep your keys and phone dry.

9. Steam Wrinkled Luggage smooth with Steam Clip

No matter how neatly you pack your clothes something is always going to come out of your suitcase wrinkled. When you want to look your best on vacation don’t worry about fussing with a hotel room iron, use Steam Clip. This handy, compact multi-tool is compatible with all types of hangers to attach your clothes to any shower door or rod so you can neatly steam your clothes to wrinkleless perfection. The tool fits perfectly in any backpack or purse so you can use it to keep belongings off bathrooms stall floors while you travel and also includes a phone stand, a bottle opener, a thread cutter, and a ruler.

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