Get Your Culture Fix at Airport Art Exhibits

Delays got you down? Long layovers leaving you listless? Our mascot Vinnie Van GO says to use these times as opportunities to enjoy the many art exhibits occupying spaces in most major airports. Among the ones he recommends are:

The Denver International Airport (DEN) was one of the first to bring art into its public spaces. It was ranked “Best U.S. Airport for Art” by USA Today in 2013 with some 30 temporary and permanent exhibits of sculptures, murals and installations. These include: America, Why I Love Her Jeppesen Terminal,

Level 5 and Beaded Circle Crossing at B Gates, Center Core. If you are traveling to or from DEN, you won’t be able to miss the iconic – and some say controversial – “Blue Mustang,” a 32-foot, 9,000-pound, electric blue, anatomically correct fiberglass sculpture of a rearing horse created by artist Luis Jiménez located along Peña Boulevard, the main road to the airport.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) offers a new display, “Joseff of Hollywood: Jeweler to the Stars,” located on Level 3 of departures (Pre-Security,) in the Main Hall of SFO’s International Terminal, and runs through July 2015. This sparkling exhibition features pieces worn by some of the world’s most glamorous silver-screen icons, from snake jewelry worn by Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor, to earrings worn by Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly.

Miami International Airport offers art experiences and exhibits through the airport featuring galleries, and exhibits include one titled Ghost Palms” by artist Norie Sato. Situated in international baggage claim along a 300-foot-long glass wall, the work takes its inspiration from the ubiquitous palm trees that populate the Miami-Dade County landscape. The airport also offers “Outsider Art: Selections from the NAEMI Art Collection” in the South Terminal International Greeters Lobby, 3rd floor; the newly opened MIA Flower Fence, 2011, by artist Roberto Juarez in the North Terminal and as well as a Children’s Gallery.

Travelers approaching the center of Midway Airport’s new passenger terminal will view Rara Avis, an epic suspended sculpture which visitors will see as a “monumental image of a cardinal” which reveals itself to be composed of over 1800 small aircraft. The work is by sculptor Ralph Helmick, who finds inspiration in airport spaces.

Another of Helmick’s work, “Impulse’ is a three-dimensional flip book, encompassing a series of six sculptures that morph in an evolving sequence of flight-related forms. It can be seen at the Philadelphia International Airport. The airport offers numerous art exhibits throughout the building in most terminals. Check the website for current exhibitions.

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