Vinnie Van GO Recommends these Cool New Things to do at the Airport.

Has your flight been delayed or do you have a long layover at an airport? Vinnie says don’t dismay, play!

Travelers who find themselves with 30 minutes to spare at Cancún International Airport can treat themselves to a fish pedicure. Soak weary feet in warm water while tiny fish swarm and nibble away calluses and dead skin. According to traveler Lauren Milligan, CEO of ResuMAYDAY, the 30-minute session doesn’t hurt and feels like “tiny fish kisses.”

Elaine Fitzgerald, president/CEO of Beach Vacation Rentals meets up with others who share her passion for the Argentine Tango via a Facebook group called “Stranded At An Airport, Tango Meetup”. According to Fitzgerald, devotees travel with their dance shoes and music and post to the group when they know they will be at a particular gate at an airport in hopes of finding another tangoing traveler nearby. With more than 11,000 members, she says “it’s not so unlikely you can’t find a tango dancer when you want one during an airport layover. I even found someone in Johannesburg, South Africa who was a beautiful dancer!”

Family travel expert Grainne Kelly, founder of BubbleBum likes Austin Bergstrom International Airport features four venues in the east and west concourses with live concerts offeringing everything from western swing to vintage jazz. She also likes General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee and its ping pong tables to keep people active and entertained.

Put your down time to good use at any airport using language learning app Babbel, for web, iOS and Android, offering 14 different languages. Bite-sized lessons fit into everyday life and are split into useful real-world topics, from introducing oneself, to ordering food and making travel arrangements. The app’s game mechanics ensure that learners stay motivated and progress is saved in “the cloud” allowing users to resume their lesson once off the plane.


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