Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Traveling Post-COVID 19

Dad doesn’t need another tie or even another mask. We will all be traveling again so get him geared up with our picks for some of the best Father’s Day gifts to help dad stay safe and comfortable on his next trip.


  • SelfSafe


    1. Need a convenient place to keep all your important information when you travel? Afraid to leave important information in the hotel room? Worry no more! With SelfSafe any traveler can carry all their secure data in one small device discreetly stored around their wrist. SelfSafe is a water-resistant, sporty wristband that contains a password-protected 8 gig USB drive specifically designed to store medical data, emergency contacts, and travel information for your whole family. The device is compatible with all PCs and does not connect to the cloud or internet, so your information is safe from hackers.
    1. spAIRTray Travel Shelf

Got a dad who likes (or always gets stuck with) the window seat on the plane? Then this device is sure to be a hit. SpAIRTray is a thin, portable shelf that slides conveniently into the window shade track to expand the window seat passengers lap tray by 30 percent! SpAIRTray comes with its own storage bag and stores conveniently into any carry-on bag or laptop case so its super easy to simply wipe down and stow away when you need to.

    1. Casetify UV Phone Sanitzer

To disinfect bacteria-laden phones, Torben Lonne, diver and chief editor at DIVEIN.com recommends the UV phone sanitizer by Casetify. It’s the perfect product to put germs down and put your mind at ease. Compatible with all smart phones this UV sanitizer case uses built-in mercury-free lamps to neutralize germs in just three minutes. Plus the case is compatible with wireless charging phones and is roomy enough to accommodate earbuds, pens, jewelry, or other small items you may want to sanitize after a long day.

    1. On-the-Go Bamboo Cutlery

Trying to avoid single use plastics but don’t want to carry around metal silverware? The folks at The Other Straw have a solution! This bio-degradable, reusable, and lightweight cutlery set is perfect for travel, whether you’re heading out on a road trip or simply commuting to work. The fork, knife, and spoon set comes with its own convenient carrying case so they can fit neatly into any travel bag, backpack, or purse.
Not only does this set make a great gift for dad, it’s a gift for the environment too, as The Other Straw donates 50 percent of its profits to ocean clean up efforts!

    1. Copper H2OTravel Bottle

Cut down on single use plastics and enjoy all the purported benefits of a copper with this stylish, environmentally friendly reusable water bottle. Handmade from a single sheet of copper and topped with a leak-resistant cap, this high-quality water bottle makes a fantastic gift for anyone who likes to keep a drink with them on the go. Not only is the bottle beautifully crafted, it is made from pure copper, which is anti-bacterial and makes any water into natural alkaline water. Drinking from a copper water bottle is also believed to aid in digestion, balance the body’s PH levels, and increase anti-oxidants in the body. Plus, because of its anti-bacterial properties, the bottle requires less regular washing than other reusable bottles, making it extra convenient.

    1. Seet Cuvers

If your family is already planning their next post-corona getaway, it can’t hurt to be too careful. Reduce the spread of germs by socially distancing yourself from your airplane seat. Seet Cuvers are convenient to carry, one-time use polypropylene sheets that fit on your seat’s headrest like a fitted sheet and comfortably drape over the chair to keep a protective barrier between you and your potentially germy seat whether it be on a plane, or the local movie theater. Each pack comes with two covers which can be immediately recycled.


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