GO Group Recommends Spooky Tours

Halloween is a time for frightening fun! If tricks intrigue you more than treats, these ghostly tours recommended by the travel experts at The GO Group, LLC, are guaranteed to raise your spirits.

While San Diego is known for sunshine, its Ghosts and Gravestones Tour tells of its darker side. Participants will travel back time and learn of the spirits of the characters who still haunt the neighborhoods. The 90-minute tour takes visitors through Old Town, walking through El Campo Santo Cemetery and ending at the Whaley House – the most haunted house in America, according to the Travel Channel . Tours run Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays through mid- Oct.

Providence Rhode Island offers a lantern-lit Ghost Tour that takes paranormal enthusiasts through the streets of the historic East Side. Guides will tell stories about local murders, suicides and unusual deaths that have left the victims to roam the streets in ghostly forms. Tours take place nightly now through November, starting at 7 p.m. Summer tours start at 8.

Known for its gangsters and violent past, Chicago is home to many ghosts and wandering souls who have not crossed to the other side. Chicago Hauntings offers narrated, historically-based ghost and paranormal tours to haunted spots throughout Chicago, including murder and disaster sites; a serial killer’s body dump; haunted houses and abandoned graveyards. Ghost sighting aren’t guaranteed but often occur! Tours are offered every evening, year round.

Contact: Dyana Flanigan

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