Here’s What Traveling Could be Like After COVID-19

The coronavirus disease COVID-19 outburst has generated a health emergency internationally and it has a profound effect on the way of living our lives. As COVID-19 has affected our daily life, like other activities and businesses, it has a deep impact on traveling also. Lockdown has caused all other industries’ closure, in the same way traveling is also suffering. The coronavirus disease has shattered the economy badly and has changed life. But eventually, everything will start again, and the public will start moving out.

We know that people will be able to travel again but nothing will be the same as before COVID-19. But still, if the global traveling will be opened again, it will be difficult for the people to trust that the airplane they are boarding is risk-free and safe. They will not be sure if they will arrive at the destination country alive and well or not.

The traveling companies and government will have to define and introduce some new decorum’s and rules regarding health safety and protection. The government should use digital and biometric technologies to
rebuild the trust of passengers. Though, these tools and technologies can be successful only if travelers will be ensured that their personal and private data is secured. Below here we have discussed some digital technologies that can be helpful for the future of travel.

Non-Tactile Travel

Contactless travel will be one of the best measures and transformations to make traveling secure. As with the rigorous cleaning measures and rules, swapping of the documents and getting in contact with various surfaces at the airports, there are still some serious chances of getting the infection for both the airport and boarding staff as well as for the travelers.

Travelers will have to take security measures and to do contactless travel from the airport to the hotels. Also due to this pandemic, it is a headache for the airline companies to bring employees back to work after COVID-19 because they will not be able to trust that the place they are working in is safe. Biometric identification is already being used in almost every field for the identity verifications. There will be more
usage of biometric identification solutions that will be used extensively in the future. But using biometric solutions like physical fingerprints scanning and other physical scanning’s will not be used more.

Due to COVID-19, more biometric identification technologies will be introduced in the future that will be contactless. Some of these technologies can be touchless fingerprint, voice and face recognition, as well as Iris
recognition. Also with these technologies, some other touchless technologies will be introduced for the staff to enter data without getting in contact with anything. For this purpose, voice commands, non-tactile scanning of documents, and gesture control will be introduced in the industry of travel.

Digital Health Checking

In the future, health will be included in every field of life. Similarly, it will be included in the travel also. From now on, all health safety measures (body screening, visible sanitizing and masks, etc.) will be taken to increase the travelers’ sense of security and to gain their trust. Airports will take a COVID test of every passenger before any journey. Until now, there is no vaccine generated for COVID-19 so, there is a high risk for opening flights and travel.

So now, the main aim is to evaluate the risks of traveling. For this purpose, airlines can make the traveler’s profile by using the traveler’s personal information like name, age, travel history, biometric information, and their health condition. There are some progressive countries where various airlines are able to test travelers for COVID-19. Some airports have technologies that are used for symptoms tracking. To make traveling trustable and confident, there is a big need for health screening tools and technologies.

Digital Traveler

As this is the era of technology and many organizations are currently progressive in the digital field. Many industries still need to make everything automated now because of this coronavirus outbreak. Like other fields, traveling companies also need to provide digital services for the sake of their staff as well as passengers. Know Travel Digital Identity will be very helpful to achieve contactless travel.

We all know that after COVID-19 it will be difficult for the passengers to trust traveling. So, digital solutions will be very efficient during this outbreak. Airlines and travel companies will have to make a Digital identity system in which the passengers will make their own profile by adding their personal data, manage their profiles, and decide what information they want to share. They will also be capable of adding and storing
their medical reports, information about their health, for example, their immunizations and other necessary data in their profile securely.

Screening at airports is a difficult goal to achieve, so, using digital services like these will be quite helpful. Passengers will be capable of adding and exchanging their personal information and health data before any journey. This will help the staff in achieving risk-free evaluations before the start of any journey and will avoid queuing.

Final Thoughts

This outbreak of coronavirus disease affected the traveling badly. It will be difficult for travelers as well as airlines to trust traveling again because there are a lot of risks due to this virus. But opening flights and traveling efficiently can be achieved by using the above discussed key digital technologies.

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