Holiday Gifts for Your Travelin’ Friends

Stumped about what to buy your travel loving friends and family?  GO recommends these fun and unique gifts!

It’s gift-giving time again, and you have so little time to shop. And besides, you can’t keep gifting the same sort of stuff you’ve done in the past. Wallets? Earrings? A  colorful tie? Boring, right? Since you like to travel, you probably have a few friends who travel too. Well, we’ve done a gift search for you to find that one unique, never saw one of those before, and why didn’t I think of that assortment of gift ideas. They’re all easily available. What follows is a listing with precise product names/titles and possible links for purchase. Happy Holiday gifting.

What should people pack?

Here’s a nice little gift for any future traveler: How to Pack: Travel Smart for any Trip. ($12) You can probably find it at any bookstore or shopping site. Have it delivered to you, so you can then personally inscribe good-trip wishes to your friend.

Packing Cubes (<$40)

Quite frankly, Packing Cubes weren’t really in our vocabulary, but once you start to think about them, they’re a pretty decent idea. Sort of like first-class travel from a bygone era, with luggage filled with individual little boxes that keep all your clothes neat and separate.

First Aid kit: $21

Be prepared. Rather than have a bunch of first aid items scattered throughout the luggage, why not get everything people need, all in one nice, neat bag?

Luggage safety

After all the packing and prepping, losing a piece of luggage could really ruin a trip. Here’s one thing that might help: Apple Air Tags (around $80 from Amazon). Attach one to each bag and they’ll be able to tell the airline exactly where they mis-stored them. A good bag tag may help as well. The Calpak Luggage Tag and Charger ($32) is distinctive and carries a portable charger for times of need (from

Safety First

Solo travelers can sometimes feel less adventurous on the road. That’s not right. You can help put their minds at ease with a She’s Birdie personal safety alarm. One button sets off a blaring siren and powerful LED flashing light alerting anyone nearby that something wrong is happening. They say it’s like a fire alarm in your pocket; believe them.

Odds & Ends

After you’ve taken care of all the basics, there are some fun, interesting items your traveling buddy might like. For cold weather voyagers, how about a rechargeable hand warmer from Uncommon Goods? Or a solar-powered radio and speaker for the safari type ($35)? Any beach vacationer could use a Waterproof Floating Phone Pouch?. And your camping or “glamping” friends might get a kick out of Yuni Beauty Shower Sheets Body Swipes.

Welcome Home

Finally, let your friends know you were thinking of them while they were gone. There are numerous Scratch Off Posters of world maps and U.S. landmarks to show that you traced their journey. Better yet, offer them a Welcome Home whiskey or bourbon cocktail in their own special glass with their favorite city etched into the side with an Urban Map Glass. From Atlanta to Washington, D.C. you can toast their recent travels in style.

Does anyone on your gift list – or do you? – have holiday travel plans? Book ground transportation ahead of time and mark it off the to-do list!

Happy Shopping and happy travels!

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