Many Hotel Guests Find Errors During Check-Out

Almost 40 percent of travelers have found erroneous charges on their hotel bills for items and services that were never used according to joint surveys conducted by GO Group LLC, an international transportation provider and GO Airport Express, a Chicago-based ground transportation provider.

Just over half (54%) of the 520 respondents said they have never had incorrect charges and 9 percent said they don’t know if this has ever happened.

Luckily, 79 percent of hotel guests always review their bills prior to checking out and 11 percent said they do so frequently. But 6 percent noted they rarely or never check their bills.

When asked if the incorrect charges were reversed to their satisfaction, 75 percent of respondents replied “yes” while 17 percent couldn’t recall. Just 6 percent said the issues were not resolved.

“Based on these numbers, it would behoove guests to carefully review their bills before checking out of hotel properties,” says John McCarthy, president, GO Group LLC.“We applaud the hotel industry for its high resolution rate for guests who do encounter problems.”

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