How to Make the Most of Your Layover

Vinnie hates wasting time during a layover. So her asked travel expert and freelance writer Leanne Thompson about how to best use his time while stuck in the airport.

How to make the most of your layover

Choosing a flight which has a layover is often more affordable than opting for a non-stop flight. However, having to spend hours in a place which is not your final destination can sometimes leave you wondering whether the financial saving is really worthwhile. However, a layover does not have to be bad news. If you spend time planning what you will do, you can actually turn it into a positive feature of your trip.

Get out and about

If you have time, it’s often a good idea to get out of the airport during a layover. It’s often possible to do this even when you are not staying overnight. As long as you have all the necessary travel documentation for the layover country, you should be able to leave the airport and spend time taking a local tour, enjoying a meal at a restaurant or strolling through a park that is close by. The downside of leaving the airport during a layover is that you have to go through security again, and customs if it’s an international flight. You also need to pay careful attention to timings; the last thing you want to do is miss your ongoing flight.

Make the most of the airport facilities

It may make more sense to remain in the airport, so you are at no risk of being delayed getting to your next flight. Specialists such as Race Furniture provide expertly manufactured airport seating, so you should be able to securea comfortable place to spend time relaxing. You can also enjoy exploring the airport and sampling the amenities. International airports all tend to have facilities such as food and drink venues and retail outlets, so you should be able to find enough to do to keep you occupied. If you are lucky enough to have a layover at one of the best airports in the world, you will find some experiences that you probably were not expecting. For instance, Changi International Airport in Singapore has a cinema and butterfly garden on site.

If you are intending to spend your layover time in this way, it helps to do some research before you go. Check online to see if any of your favourite stores or restaurant chains are on site. You may even want to take a look at the executive lounge facilities, and see if you can upgrade to use them.

Get some sleep while you can

If you are one of those people who finds it difficult to sleep on a plane, a layover provides a good opportunity to snooze for a while. This is easier to do if you are travelling with others. remains secure. This may not seem like a very exciting way to spend time during a layover, but sleep is important if
you want to remain alert and in a good frame of mind. Sleeping during the layover means that you are in a better position to enjoy your final destination when you get there.

Catch up on work or make plans

Many airports provide free Wi-Fi for at least part of the time you are there. This means that you can spend time on various online activities.

    • Making sure all your work emails are up to date.
    • Checking you have all the necessary information for paperwork you need to complete when you arrive.
    • Researching your trip including landmarks to see and places to eat and drink.
    • Getting your daily dose of Candy Crush, or other games.
    • Skyping or FaceTiming friends.

It helps to have a portable charger with you, so that you can use your mobile devices for longer.

Always consider that your trip starts as soon as you leave home; this helps you to appreciate each step of the way. Thinking of layovers in this way helps you to consider them as a time to be savoured and not wasted. If you concentrate solely on what you are going to do when you get to your ultimate destination, a layover is always going to seem like an inconvenience. Even if you never leave the airport, you should think of it as another interesting place to visit, or at least as place to experience some much needed relaxation time. Making the most of your layover in this way helps to make it a benefit to the overall experience of your trip and not just the cost.

Leanne Thompson is a freelance writer with a passion for traveling and reading. When not exploring the world, she is diving into a good book and relaxing with her two dogs.

Freelance Writer Leanne Thompson

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