Men in Bigger Hurry than Women to Get to the Airport

Airlines might not have stellar on-time records, but passengers don’t want to risk missing their flights. More than 71 percent of travelers say they arrive at the airport two hours before their scheduled domestic flights, according to a survey we conducted.

At 75 percent, more men than women prefer to arrive early, with 69 percent of women answering they did so. Thirty one percent of women and 24 percent of men said they arrive just one hour before their flight times, preferring not to spend too much time at the airport. Just less than one percent of either gender said they like to arrive as late as possible, noting they like to board the plane as soon as they arrive at the gate.

Five of the 267 respondents wrote in that 90 minutes is the ideal time.

GO mascot VinnieVanGO says travelers don’t want to risk missing a flight due to unexpected delays such as traffic to the airport, long check-in and security lines. Luckily, there are plenty of business, dining, shopping and entertainment such as play areas for kids and art exhibits to help those waiting to pass the time more productively and enjoyably.


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