VinnieVanGO list of Summer Coasters

Summer is is roller coaster season and no one loves the exciting twisty, windy rides more than VinnieVanGO. He’s selected a handful of thrill rides in North America that he wants everyone to enjoy before the summer ends. From the record breaking to the vintage- buckle your seat belts and keep your hands inside the cart as you experience his list of the greatest rides to experience this season.

Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ

Kingda Ka

At speeds of 128 mph and a 456 feet drop, riders will be thrilled during their 59 second ride on the tallest roller coaster in the world and fastest in North America.

Six Flags New England, Agawam, Massachusetts

Superman The Ride

While not as tall or fast as the Kingda Ka, Superman riders will reach 77mph and take two 208 massive back to back drops. This coaster is not for the faint at heart, but will surely maximize your adrenaline.

Busch Gardens Tampa, FL


A non-traditional inverted style coaster that takes its riders through a wild journey for an incredible view from a 60 ft. vertical loop. The Montu is the first coaster in the world to incorporate an immelmann loop – which is a simultaneous loop and roll. – Better watch what you eat before getting in line.

Kings Dominion Doswell, VA

Intimidator 305

Themed after the late NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt; this high speed coasters will transport riders to the Daytona 500. At breakneck speeds of 90mph, six air time humps and three near ground level high speed turns it will leave you begging for a helmet.

Coney Island Brooklyn, NY

The Cyclone

The definition of nostalgic, built in 1927; millions travel in the summer to Brooklyn to say they’ve experienced the Cyclone. For more than four decades people have enjoyed the wooden coaster, which was previously one of the worlds fastest at a maximum speed of 60mi per hour.

Busch Gardens James City, VA

Apollo’s Chariot

This Award-Winning hyper-coaster takes riders through 4,882 feet of track at 73mph. The 2 minute journey features a 210 ft. drop which will leave you in full fright. If that’s not enough the coaster takes riders on an additional 131 foot & 144 ft drop.

Six Flags Magic Mountain Baja Ridge, CA


The X2 is a 4th Dimension steel roller coaster, the ride is so unique in that the trains seats pitch 360 degrees forward, and in reverse independent of the main cart. Riders begin when the cars are rotated 180 degrees, so riders are facing toward the ground, then the they experience another rotation as they maneuver through additional loops and finally flip backward 360 degree simulating flip.

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