Summer is the Hottest Time to Travel

Most travelers prefer to do so in the summer months, according to a joint survey conducted by GO Airport Express, and The GO Group, LLC. More than 750 people responded to the survey, which asked respondents which season was their favorite in which to travel.

The GO Group, LLC is an international alliance of airport transportation companies, of which Chicago-based GO Airport Express is a member, serving O’Hare International and Midway airports.

Top choice was summer, with 43 percent of people living in both warm and cold climates ranking it as their preferred time to travel. Spring was next, although slightly more people in a southern climate (33 percent) ranked it first, compared with those in the north, (25 percent).

Fall was third with 17 percent. Just 11 percent of respondents chose winter as their first choice for favorite time of year to travel; however, almost twice as many northern inhabitants claimed it as their favorite time to travel as compared to those in the south.

“Companies in the travel and hospitality industries may want to note seasonal preferences and adjust their marketing plans accordingly,” says John McCarthy, president, GO Airport Express and The GO Group, LLC. “While summer is the universally preferred season, those living in southern climates tend to stay home in the winter.”

The GO Group, LLC is a one-stop source for door-to-door airport shuttle services. Its members transport some 13 million passengers to and from airports in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Europe annually. One of the oldest companies in Chicago, GO Airport Express traces its founding to 1853 and the Parmelee Transportation Company, which provided a carriage service between Chicago’s railroad stations and the downtown hotels.

Contact: Dyana Flanigan

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