Vinnie Van GO Offers Tips for Speedy Trips through TSA

Most people know they should wear slip-on shoes, the 3-2-1 liquid carry-on rules and that buying TSA Pre-Check lets you sail through airport security. But we did some research and found lesser-known tips to get you through faster and a great product that will make your flight more fun.

Money Crashers travel expert David Bakke recommends the free My TSA app that will guide you to the fastest security lane. We also found MiFlight which provides crowd-sourced information from travelers noting how low they are waiting in line. Bakke also recommends flying during non-traditional times when lines will naturally be shorter.

Sequins make you sparkle but did you know they light up the TSA scanners, too? According to frequent traveler Chelsea Hud, they show up in scanners so you will be searched more thoroughly, causing pat-downs and extra time with TSA. Save the bling for dinner out! She also says to keep your liquids in the clear bag on top of your carry on for fast and easy removal.

Need an extra hand trying to maneuver through security? Try the The Heroclip, a versatile three-in-one clip, swivel, and hook. Keep bags off the bathroom floor, connects luggage together to help keep items organized. It’s useful once you arrive at your destination, too, and when not in use, the hook folds securely onto the clip.

Frequent traveler Christopher Gerhart finds that when he has an under-packed, roomy bag, he gets directed to the faster lanes. Attorney Matt Pinsker, who used to do Security Threat Assessment Operations for TSA and is currently an adjunct professor of Homeland Security at Virginia Commonwealth University, concurs. He says for clothing and carry-on items, a minimalist approach is best; if there aren’t many places to conceal dangerous items, the traveler will receive less scrutiny.

Did you know it is legal to bring your own alcohol on the plane?

Lisa Stecki is the founder of Whineware.com. She invented Travel Sufficient Alcohol Kits (TSA-Kits) to allow airline passengers to save money by carrying their favorite alcoholic beverage in their carry-on luggage. These kits were designed to allow travelers to fly though security checkpoints and avoid pricey airport drink tabs. The TSA-Kits’ water resistant, durable bags hold glass bottles (glass maintains the integrity of liquor), and meet all TSA Homeland Security regulations. Each TSA-Kit™ holds five, 3.38 oz dishwasher safe bottles with tamper-resistant caps.

To enjoy your drink while in-flight you must follow FAA regulations for personal alcohol consumption. FAA regulations state your airliner is your bartender, only drinks served by your flight attendant are allowed. Check with your specific carrier. JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines encourage you to BYOB! Just hand your TSA-Kit™ bottle to one of the these friendly airline’s attendants and they will happily pour your drink

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