Tips for Travelers Impacted by COVID-19

For many frequent travelers, whether for work or personal adventure, the impact of the coronavirus has taken an unfortunate toll on both possibilities, and the industry as a whole. Travel has been significantly restricted due to concerns about its ability to spread, and many flights and trips have been canceled or postponed until further notice.

However, because the big talk around this issue has been pessimistic in nature, it’s important to find a light in the darkness. In spite of the recent impact, the travel industry can still thrive in many ways. From travel bloggers to services providers, there are a plethora of ways that the industry can be supported, and travelers can still get their fill of adventure until this can be solved.

Use Free Time for Planning

If you’re a traveler, you may be dealing with your upcoming plans being canceled. The chances are that travel could be restricted until at least the end of April, if not longer. Now is the time to focus on your next ambitious travel plans, and maybe even a dream destination, as you have more time to plan and save.

Start looking into web-travel guides to plan your next destination long in advance, so that you’ll be completely prepared when social distancing restrictions are lifted. Who knows, you might even find a new dream destination or an idea for your next trip about sites to see and places to go. Reading travel guides can also be a fun and unique activity to pass the time!

With restaurants, bars, and shopping centers also being closed currently, you have the unique opportunity to save more money, as you won’t be able to splurge on things like dining out or buying a new outfit. To make the most use of this, look into opening a savings account on your smartphone to set aside small amounts of your paycheck every month. By preparing well in advance during a time where you
can save more money, you’ll be more than ready financially for your next big trip.

Support the Industry

There are still a lot of ways to support the travel industry while the world is on lockdown. You should definitely continue to visit your favorite travel bloggers and vloggers on their webpages and YouTube channels. By going to their sites, you drive traffic and boost ad revenue to them during a time when their income might be impacted.

You can also look into getting gift cards, or booking tours, hotels, and flights long in advance in order to help support travel businesses. One of the other positives to this is that you can get all of your pre-travel booking done months in advance, meaning you’ll be able to spend less time stressing and more time dreaming about your next big trip! This is a low-risk way to provide support as well, because in the case of
cancellations or postponement, you will be able to get a refund, or a ticket to use at a later date.

Go Virtual

If you’re still itching to travel or visit your dream destinations while staying safe in the comfort of your home, virtual travel options are available. These can include awesome tours of unique locations and museums, as well as natural attractions. While visiting the actual attractions will be the more fun option, a virtual tour can satisfy your travel needs and build excitement for the time when you can finally see these places in person.

Another fun way to experience the world of travel safely is by using virtual tours and games on Google Earth, which can drop you to a random location in the world that you can explore via
street-view. Some people find it fun to explore areas this way and guess the location they’re in based on street signs or landmarks. Others find it enjoyable to revisit locations they’ve previously traveled to for nostalgia.

Try Social-Distance Travel

Finally, while airports, busses, and other conventional means of travel are currently restricted, there are safe places to go outdoors that can make great day trips. Hiking is still considered safe with some exceptions, along with visiting national and state parks. As long as they aren’t crowded with people and social distancing is practiced, sightseeing at these places can be a great way to get out and travel.

At the end of the day, the travel industry is going to come out of this crisis, and when it does, many people are going to be eager to hit the road and experience the world. If you’re a traveler, use this time to support your favorite businesses in the industry, and get ready for the day when you can book your next adventure!

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