Top 8 Hacks to Prevent Jet Lag

Travelling can be fun as well as pain. When you have a job that demands traveling very frequently, you will relate to the painful aspect of it. All power to positivity, but here, in this article we are going to deal with the negatives of traveling.

One such negative is jet lag. All these different time zones take a toll on your body. Yes, we hear you. Say no more. Want to know tips on how to keep yourself healthy while traveling? Have you checked out our article- 7 tips to help you stay healthy during traveling?

We bring you this article where we are going to share some hot tips to prevent jet lag straight from the oven baked by travel veterans themselves! So let’s get started!

Modify your light exposure schedule

As booting up your body in an entirely new land is a real wrestle, make your circadian rhythm to adapt to the time zone of the place to which you will be traveling. You can do that by controlling the times at which you face lights. Seek and deprive yourself of light accordingly.

Sounds tricky? Don’t you worry, traveler. You will be happy to know that there are applications and websites designed to figure it all out for you.

Stay hydrated

Airplanes don’t use oxygen systems for normal times. The oxygen that you inhale in a plane comes from the atmosphere itself. Air at high altitudes contains very little moisture in it. Therefore, it is vital to drink twice as much water as you usually do to avoid dehydration. Also, make sure you don’t have anything alcoholic or caffeinated during your time on the plane.

Now, with marijuana legalized in some of the states, make sure you detox from weed before your journey, as it has lingering side effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes.


Don’t miss out on your fitness regimen while away. Hit the gym and workout at the same time as you do where you live. And, don’t forget to get up from your seat and walk around the cabin for a bit while flying. It will prevent blood clots and from your body getting all stiff and exhausted from sitting continuously for several hours of the flight.

Use compression gears

Air travel prevents your body from functioning normally in many ways. Low air pressure, little to no movement, dehydration all are causal to restrict the flow of blood in your body.

Remember talking about clots in the previous section? There is a surge in the risk of deep vein thrombosis by almost 150% while you fly. Moreover, blood clotting in your legs can prove fatal. So, wear compression socks during your flight.

Get on the dark side

Ahem! We mean get a seat on the plane that won’t be sunlit while you fly. That will make it easier for you to get sleep. In case your luck doesn’t favor acquiring such a seat, put on some eye mask (the plane crew provides them sometimes for free) or a pair of comfortable sunglasses to doze off easier.

Block blue lights

Light is a nutrient to our body. But, not all lights are the right kind of light. The wrong kind will mess up your body in various ways. Airplanes are lit with fluorescent bulbs, which serves as the source of all the blue light there. And, your body isn’t made to handle such a concentration of blue light. So, try and block out the blue lights as much as possible.

Fast during flights

Fasting establishes a connection between slumber and light exposure. It will be easier for you to reboot your sleep cycle when fasting. Starvation leads to the activation of the brain’s dorsomedial nucleus that makes it easier for your body to cope with the changing sleep schedules.

Earth yourself after landing

As silly as it may sound, you can still try this out if time permits. So, the theory of earthing tells that the earth being at zero potential drains out the positive charges that form in your body cells during a flight.

There aren’t many facts to back it up, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it. Find a park and walk barefooted in the grass!

Melatonin pills

Pop in some melatonin pills to sleep and help yourself with some rest to adapt to the new time zone if nothing else works for you. Use it as a last resort. We are trying here to stick to the natural ways as much as possible.

To conclude

Jet lags immensely affect your health and performance which you can’t do without on a foreign land whatever may be your reason for travel. So, try out these hacks, and I can assure that you’ll feel the difference. Happy flying!

Mary Walton is a professional editor and content strategist. Apart from writing, Mary is passionate about hiking and gaming. Feel free to contact her via Facebook.

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