Top Five Airport Playgrounds for Kids

Catching up on email, a good book or a cocktail might keep adults entertained during delays or long layovers at airports but kids need more stimulation. The travel experts at The GO Group note that many airports offer activities to keep kids occupied. Here are the top five.

Chicago’s O’Hare Airport is said to be the world’s busiest and the one with the most delays. Keep kids happy by visiting the Children’s Museum of Chicago’s playground called “Kids on the Fly, located near Gate F1 in Terminal 2. The aviation-themed exhibit features a cargo plane that needs fueling; a cockpit in a fantasy helicopter; a luggage station and an air traffic control tower. Another exhibit, located in Terminal 2, is dedicated to the memory of WWII hero Lt. Commander Edward “Butch” O’Hare, showcasing a restored F3F-4 fighter plane. In Terminal 1 children can gaze at the life-size Brachiosaurus skeleton.

Families at the San Francisco International Airport can visit the Commission Aviation Library & Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum in the International Terminal’s main hall. The Exploratorium of San Francisco has designed a weather-themed play area featuring crawling equipment and a plasma wall—a display of colorful arcs that jump around when activated by sound. SFO Kids’ Spot is located after passing through security in Terminal 3. Terminal 1 features three different aquariums.

Boston Logan International offers two Kidports. Terminal C features a playground designed by the Children’s Museum of Boston with a baggage-claim slide, a climb-worthy airplane and window display area. The second Kidport, in the satellite building of Terminal A, features a replica of the air traffic control tower, slides and climbing structures.

Dallas International boasts three Junior Flyer Clubs with large play areas. One is located in Terminal B by Gate 12 and offers an indoor runway; an airplane; a car and a traffic control tower for kids to climb. International Terminal D presents two other indoor playgrounds complete with a playscape and games.

Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport features a huge unsupervised kids’ play area in Terminal D which has play structures and an interactive control tower. The airport is also home to some cool vintage planes, which will garner the attention of kids interested in aviation.
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