Top Tips for Holiday Travel

Traveling for the holidays? Before you pack your bags, Vinnie suggests you do a little research to help you cope with long lines, delayed flights, lost luggage and other indignities.

The Internet abounds with useful suggestions. So start your search engines! Here are some tips Vinnie uncovered:

Best Airline

Forbes.com names Hawaiian Airlines as the best airline to fly during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Only 8.7 percent of its flight arrived late over the holidays for the past three years. Of course, the fact that the airline is based in Hawaii, and not Alaska, might have something to do with its on-time record. (We’re just sayin’.

When to Travel

Conde Nast Traveler lists the best and worst days to travel for each holiday. The article say that November 25, the day before Thanksgiving, is the busiest day, and November 30 (the following Monday) is the best day. For Christmas, the busiest day is December 23. Expect crowds to thin out by December 27. For New Year’s, just try not to fly on December 30.

Last Minute Deals

If you’re looking for a bargain at this late date, check out the tips posted by the Las Vegas Review Journal. Among the helpful tips: search multiple fare sites and clear your cookies each time. The airlines often offer the best deals to first-time visitors.

Zip Through Security

If you haven’t signed up for TSA Pre-Check, what’s stopping you? The expedited security screening designation is honored at more than 150 airports and by12 participating airlines. You won’t have to remove shoes, laptops, liquids, belts or light jackets. Passengers must pay an $85 enrollment fee and submit to a background check and interview.

And don’t forget to book a GO Airport Shuttle in your holiday departure and destination cities. One of Vinnie’s pals will get you there safely, economically and on time.


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