Tourists behave badly at Coliseum

#Travelers the world over were shocked by the news that two Americans were arrested March 7 for carving their initials into the Coliseum and then taking a #badselfie to commemorate their vandalism. As outrageous as this behavior might be, it is not the only example of tourists behaving badly in the past several months. Global Travel Industry News recently posted an article enumerating the nine most outrageous acts that occurred in 2014. The list of offenses included: defiling sacred sites with nudity, sex acts and other shenanigans; damaging ancient artifacts; posting a grinning selfie taken at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, and stealing a penguin from SeaWorld in Australia. Our mascot, Vinnie Van Go, would like to add his personal pet-peeve to the list: backpack-wearing airline passengers who smack seated passengers in the head as they amble down the narrow aisles. Behave,people!

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