Vinnie Van GO Suggests These Great Gizmos and Gadgets!

Need gift ideas? Vinnie Van GO connected with travel writers and experts for these recommendations.

Those who value personal space (and hygiene) will love CREATE-A-SPACETM . This new gadget allows airline passengers to create their own armrest or share the armrest with the person sitting next to them, without having to rub elbows,and the lower section is designed to eliminate lower body hip-to-hip contact. It comes with a compact carrying pouch and meets FFA and TSA guidelines.

Want to take a dip in the ocean but are worried about where to stash your valuables? Check out the AquaVault, a portable vault you can attach to your lounge chair, stroller, bicycle, golf cart, wheelchair and many other places. Avoid vacation nightmares knowing your keys, money and other items are safe.

Lies Veldeman, travel blogger and photographer at “Non Stop Destination”, knows that travelers love capturing holiday snaps but don’t like the bulkiness of a regular camera. She’s tried several solutions, but her favorites so far are iPhone lenses. She recently received three Moment lenses (long lens, wide lens and macro lens), high quality lenses with minimal distortion which let her capture beautiful photos of her travels. They are small enough to carry in a handbag and easy to attach to a phone.

Be prepared for any emergency regardless of your location with the React Mobile Sidekick, a wearable panic button that, when paired with the free React Mobile safety app, turns any smartphone into a powerful lifeline. With a single click, users can activate the app and issue an SOS alert for immediate emergency assistance, even when their phone screen is locked or their phone is out of reach. The React Mobile safety app’s “Follow-Me” feature shares the user’s location with friends and family, enabling them to track the user’s whereabouts in real-time and follow him or her to safety.

Regardless of packing skills, clothes inevitably get wrinkled when traveling. Now there’s no need to bring your own steamer or rely on hotel services if you use the SkyRoll luggage collection, the only luggage with a wraparound garment bag so you never need to fold suits or dresses again. All SkyRoll luggage meets the most common carry-on standards, too.

Scared of the skies? The SOAR app is a mini fear-of-flying course, weather and turbulence resource and turbulence sensor that has a built-in g-force meter that measures turbulence to reassure the user the plane is fine during bumpy rides. The app is the creation of Captain
Tom Bunn LCSW, a retired airline captain, licensed therapist, and author of “SOAR: The Breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying.” Best of all, the app is free! Install it on the phone of your loved ones for fear-free flying!

Happy Holidays!

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