Travel Stories That Will Give You Nightmares

Were you stuck on the tarmac for an hour before take off? Did you and your luggage take different flights? Did you miss a connection because an airline rep gave you the wrong information? You are not alone.

In the interest of misery loving company, Vinnie has collected a few links where you can read about other travel horrors that might make your story pale by comparison.

Check out FlightsFromHell, a blog that allows oppressed travelers to vent with impunity. You’ll learn about overnight stays in the airport, indifferent customer service reps, cancelled flights, lost luggage, moldy cheese and other indignities. Feel free to add your own misadventures to the blog. posted “10 of the Most Ridiculous Flight Horror Stories Ever.” These include an international flight where the toilets broke after takeoff, flooding the aisles with sewage, which remained there for seven hours. You can also read about the passenger who flew 10-hours fromSweden to Kenya across the aisle from a passenger who died shortly after the plane hit cruising altitude. Topping it off was the flight from Chile to Sydney, Australia, on which 26 Australian students suffered from mid-air stomach flu complete with uncontrolled vomiting and diarrhea.

If the airlines don’t get you, your fellow passengers might. Check out, which cites stories that involve fist-fights over reclining seats, couples having sex in the passenger section and all manner of drunk and disorderly conduct. Worst story is told by a 66-year-old woman flying to Hawaii. She was watching an in-flight movie, when a man stood up from his seat and began urinating on her.

Vinnie thinks you’ll have a hard time topping that.


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