Why Traveling Ranks among the Best Forms of Education

Vinnie Van Go gets an education from writer Laura Buckler as she explains great ways the world can instill great insights and knowledge that everyone can benefit from.

The school of life has so many opportunities to offer and most of them don’t unfold in the typical classroom settings. Seeing different places, acquainting yourself with new cultures and traveling the globe on your own can be one of the most powerful educational experiences.

Traveling is definitely a lot of fun but here are a few of the main reasons why it happens to be one of the best forms of education.

A Chance to Learn New Languages

Language learning isn’t everyone’s forte. When you’re immersed in a native environment, however, you’ll have to master some phrases to make the most of the trip.

There are so many ways and so many chances to learn a new language while traveling. Some people choose to connect with a native before the departure. Others put themselves in situations that force them to practice because local people don’t speak English or another popular language.

Even if you already have the foundation, you probably don’t feel comfortable speaking the language. Interactions with local people will give you a good idea about the pronunciation, the jargon and everything else that will help you acquire a native level of comprehension.

You Learn about History

Do you remember the last time you had to do a research project and write about a historic figure, a place or an important event? All of this information is going to seem pretty abstract when you can’t really access the context.

Every part of the world has an important story to tell.

Getting to know a bit more about the local history will give you a good idea about the current development of the nation. What’s even more important, you’ll understand how these events relate to international history and the state of the world today.

History often has two sides – the one appearing in textbooks and what local people know about the respective event. Chances are that you’ll broaden your horizons significantly by learning about the details and specifics known solely by locals.

New Skills Will be Acquired

As a traveler, you will often put yourself in uncomfortable and challenging situations.

Traveling is a great way to expand your range of practical skills. People who travel abroad will learn how to plan their journey, how to research local essentials (like the subway map), how to do effective time management and adapt to their surroundings.

But that’s not all! Traveling is also a great way to do effective budgeting. You will have to work on your communication skills, which often involves the use of body language. You will do networking and master the art of making the best of a diverse environment that’s so different from your own background and surroundings.

Such skills can come particularly handy in life, even when it comes to career establishment. You should start seeing traveling as an investment in your future because of everything it has to offer.

Gaining Independence and Self-Confidence

Depending on your age and your status, chances are that you were previously deprived of opportunities to make it on your own and to be responsible.

When you travel on your own, you gain independence from your parents and your surroundings. While many parents worry about the safety of their teenagers abroad, a travel can be an incredibly enriching and uplifting experience.

Knowing that you can make the most of an alien environment is also going to give you a ton of confidence. The more you explore the world and see that it’s ready to welcome you, the more you’re going to open yourself up to opportunities and chances for interaction with others.

The Most Important Travel Lesson: Compassion

The one crucial thing that travelers learn on the road is compassion.

When you do a lot of travel, you will visit parts of the world that are so different from your country of origin. There will be cultural clashes and a ton of exploration. Through it all, you will probably learn that people are more alike than they’re different from each other.

We all tend to live a pretty shielded lives and we have predetermined routines/modes of interaction. Through travel, we learn that the world is a colorful place. There are good people everywhere and through travel, you gain a better understanding of their world, their customs and actions.

Empathy is missing in today’s world. Every single travel experience allows for personal growth and a chance to put oneself in somebody else’s shoes. Travelers develop a level of sensitivity, compassion and trust that other people simply can’t have.

You don’t need a ton of money to travel the world, enjoy new experiences and learn new skills. In fact, budget travel happens to be the most enlightening option out there. All that you have to do is overcome your fear of the unknown and jump into the first opportunity that comes your way. You’re not going to regret it.


Laura Buckler is a contributor and a freelance writer. She believes that there’s a reason to be grateful every day and she aims to spread her positive outlook on life through her writing. You can follow her on Twitter.

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