Vacationers Prefer to Plan Rather than Wing-it

When it comes to vacations, more travelers opt to plan every detail than those who plan nothing according to surveys we conducted.

Of the more than 1000 people who responded to the surveys, 22 percent of men and 20 percent of women said they plan months in advance, creating detailed itineraries so as not to miss out on any key activities or sites.

This compares with just over four percent of both men and women who noted they make no plans at all, preferring last minute trips and adventures.

Most people, however, are somewhere in the middle. Fifty-six percent of all respondents said they plan airfare and hotels and some activities in advance of their trips, but like to have plenty of unscheduled time to enjoy as they please. Sixty-one percent of women are these “partial planners” as are 52 percent of men. Twenty percent of men and 15 percent of women said the only pre-planning they do is booking hotels and airfare in advance, leaving all activities unscheduled.


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