Vinnie Says TSA Waits May Not Be So Bad After All

Despite reports of missed flights and massive waits in TSA lines at the airport, most travelers have not noticed an increase in wait times during the past four months according to surveys conducted by GO Airport Express, a Chicago-based ground transportation service and GO Airport Shuttle, an international transportation provider.

Of the 233 respondents, 48 percent said they did not think the security lines were longer than in previous travels. Forty-four percent thought lines were longer while seven percent didn’t recall one way or another.

Sixty percent said they waited just 30 minutes or less; 35 percent waited between 30 and 45 minutes and 11 percent waited 45 minutes to an hour. Just three percent waited between one hour and 90 minutes and only one percent had to wait 90 minutes or more.

Only two of the respondents said they missed a flight due to long lines.

“While some of the larger and busier airports might have longer lines, such as those reported in the news, most airport security procedures are operating at normal levels,” says John McCarthy, president, GO Airport Express. “However, we still recommend travelers arrive at the airport earlier than normal to allow for the possibility of longer lines.”

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