You Won’t Believe How Some Travelers Behave

For the third time this year, the Cambodian police have arrested a group of tourists for taking pictures with their pants down at Angkor Wat, the sacred and historic complex of Hindu and Buddhist temples. Previous miscreants included three Frenchmen and two American sisters. The UNESCO WorldHeritage Site attracts some 800,000 visitors a year, a number that apparently includes a few crazies.

Three Scottish travelers, who prefer to take their clothes off at 6,000 feet in the air, were recently banned for life from by Jet2, a British budget airline. The trio, who brought their own alcohol on board, danced, sang, stripped off their clothes and abused the flight crew on a flight from Glasgow to Dalaman, according to Mashable.

Chinese tourists have performed enough headline-making antics to trigger a crackdown by their embarrassed government.

According to the Daily Mail, the China National Tourism Administration said in April, that “provincial and national authorities will be in touch with unruly citizens when they return to China, and, if necessary, the police, customs officers, border control and even bank credit agencies will be contacted.”

The edict was issued after a number of embarrassingnincidents, including a melee over seating arrangements on a charter flight from Bangkok to Nanjing. The irate Chinese travelers threw hot water and noodles at flight attendants and threatened to blow up the plane.

In another episode, a passenger on a China Eastern Airlines flight that landed in Beijing seven hours late, decided to speed up the disembarking process by opening up three emergency exits and unleashing the inflatable slides.

Then there was the Chinese tourist arrested in Thailand for washing her feet in the sink of a public bathroom a half hour after a sign had been posted prohibiting feet washing.

Vinnie Van GO says, civility and common sense should prevail. He offers these words of wisdom to travelers

  • As uncomfortable and irritating as air travel can sometimes be, never create on a scene a plane. It can pose a safety risk to you and your fellow passengers, and (not so incidentally) get you arrested.
  • Never damage public facilities or historic relics.
  • Abide by social customs and laws.
  • And, for pity sake, keep your clothes on in airplanes and at sacred ruins.


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